January 2009

TechComm Information Online


  • If you enjoy browsing the Science and Technology shelves at a bricks-and-mortar libray…
  • If you think flipping through the pages of  Technical Communication is a rewarding way to spend an hour or two …
  • If you’re looking for a library of published information about all aspects of technical communication …

try the EServer TC Library. Here’s how the library’s sponsors describe it:

The EServer TC Library is a free, open-access, human-edited directory of online resources for people who produce, manage, archive, and distribute technical information. The community we serve includes technical communicators (such as technical writers), editors and publishers, researchers, illustrators, animators/multimedia developers, instructional designers/educators, web designers, instructional designers, user experience designers, and others who concern themselves with how to improve human communications.

The Library, which is based in the Rhetoric and Professional Communication programs at Iowa State University, offers free access to a database of almost 17,000 articles, presentation and other published materials in the techcomm field. Articles are cross-indexed by category, author, publisher, language, date published and more.

The library encourages techcomm practitioners not only to use the published materials as a resource, but to contribute to the library’s growth and usefulness.

Add works to the library’s catalog

Every page of the TC Library has an ‘Add a Work‘ link at the bottom-right of its windo. You can click it, fill out the form, and add any online resource you find useful to the collection. The material you add can be an article, mailing list, web resource, course material, or any other resource (except for advertisements). Click here for more information about how to use the Add a Work link.

You can also rate and review every listed item by using the form appearing at the bottom of the detail page.

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